Wee Ones LLC

Miles Faust, CEO Tells Us Why PEO Spectrum Worked For Him

“As a small business owner, time is often my most precious resource.  I really wanted to explore other PEO options to lower costs, but I didn’t really have the time or the experience to do it right.  Thank goodness, PEO Spectrum came along.  Their process and financial models streamlined a very time consuming process.  Not only did they save us a significant amount of money, but they didn’t consume a lot of our time in doing it.”

Wee Ones, LLC
EC2 Software Solutions

Alan Ziegler of EC2 Software Solutions Discusses the Benefits of a PEO Comparison

“Working with PEO Spectrum has made the PEO evaluation process much more efficient by utilizing their experience of selecting plans that could be a good fit for our organization and providing solid financial analysis to evaluate the bids received.”

EC2 Software Solutions

Envirochrome Case Study: Successfully Shopping for a PEO

Once PEO Spectrum presented the Financial Analysis to Envirochrome, answering all their questions about the PEOs in the report and the various cost factors, it was agreed that meetings would be arranged with the two PEOs that offered the most promising services, technology and consistent pricing available.  PEO Spectrum remained in touch with Envirochrome throughout the process until they made their final decision.  Envirochrome had found their PEO, and on top of that, PEO Spectrum’s services were entirely free!”

Wee Ones LLC

Saves 100K a year by switching PEOs

“We successfully switched to another PEO, kept the same healthcare provider, the same benefits the current PEO was giving us…it’s a win-win.”

Scott Abrams, CFO
EC2 Software Solutions

Finds A PEO with better transparency

“You could see very quickly in their Financial Analysis they were going to give you what was best for your company.”

Lars Neubohn, CEO
Wine Cellarage

Saves enough to hire an additional member to their team!

“PEOSpectrum has saved me $50,000. We used that money to hire another person in our department”

Colleen Dougherty’s, CFO
Norvin Properties

Offers better health plans to their employees by using a PEO

“By offering our employees richer plans, it gives them flexibility to make a decision that’s better for their families”

Mike Catanzaro, CFO
Century Management