PEO Advocate Helps Through the PEO Customer Journey

PEO Advocate helps customers get the most out of their PEO relationship regardless of the phase you are in: selection, implementation, or actively using a PEO. Our unbiased PEO experts give real answers to your questions, show you what is available and how to best utilize it, and escalate and support service issues you are having until a remedy is found.

Selecting a PEO

  • Analyze existing PEO Quotes
  • Expand PEO Search
  • Health Network Analysis: Doctor Find
  • Employee Benefit Analysis
  • Second Opinions & Negotiation

Implementing a PEO

  • Employee Disruption Analysis
  • Employee Communications
  • Health Insurance Plan-Year Reset Help
  • Tax Restart Calculations

Already using a PEO

  • Assist with Customer Service Issues
  • Invoice & Pricing Audits
  • Technology Integrations
  • Employee Engagement Strategy
  • PEO Point-Person Training
  • Newsletter & Help-Driven Content

PEO Advocate

How we help our clients throughout their PEO relationship


“We wanted a full-service solution, a set-and-forget and if there is a problem call them.”

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