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Norvin Properties was working with one of the largest PEOs for 3 years and was disappointed with the poor service they were receiving. They had a hard time getting anyone to respond to their calls and couldn’t find easy online answers to their basic questions.

Their CFO, Colleen Dougherty, reached out to PEO Spectrum to find a PEO that offered comparable benefits at a lower cost and with better service.

Our solution

PEO Spectrum analyzed their current health plan and HR costs and identified 4 national PEO competitors that came in at lower costs but would provide the quality service Norvin wanted from their PEO. All of the plans offered similar benefits to what their current health plan provided.

The option Norvin selected meant switching health providers. The plans were nearly identical, but they were worried about in-network providers for their employees. PEO Spectrum asked for a list of their employee’s doctors and checked that all would be in-network with the new plan. This helped make the transition easier for their employees. Norvin’s switch to the new PEO saved them 50,000 per year, which for this small company meant hiring a new employee and allowing current employees more quality time with their families. This was a win-win for everyone.

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