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$100 Gift Card

We’re rewarding a $100 Gift Card for every qualified referral you submit that results in a completed first meeting with a PEO Spectrum sales consultant.

*If you prefer, we will make a charitable contribution to Make-a-Wish Foundation or your charity of choice.


Earn up to $10,000 for qualified referrals that become new clients of PEO Spectrum

We offer the following rewards based on the company’s worksite employees (WSE):

5-24 WSE

25-49 WSE

50-99 WSE

100-199 WSE

200+ WSE

What is a good referral?

A good referral lead is a C-level contact (CEO, CFO, etc.) who is an owner, founder or financial decision maker at his or her company. Ideally, the company is small to medium in size with at least 5 employees.

Does your client need a PEO?

We remove the risk and hassle of offering PEOs to your customers through our full suite of services. Whether a customer wants to look into PEOs, is having trouble with their existing PEO, or just needs some unbiased support, PEO Spectrum is here to help.

We partner with various organizations and offer flexible programs to passive and active partners alike.

Companies use a PEO to:

  • Streamline HR administration
  • Reduce health insurance costs
  • Reduce workers comp costs
  • Consolidate HR vendors
  • Expand nationally

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