Denise helps clients:

  • Expedite and fix service issues with their PEO
  • Help discover and implement PEO services
  • Answer any PEO-related questions or concerns
  • Consider alternative options, if desired, whether it is a PEO or non-PEO solution

Q & A with PEO Advocate Denise Choinski

PEO Spectrum recently launched it's PEO Advocate Program, headed by Denise Choinski, Director of Customer Relations. We recently sat down with her to find out more about the program and how it helps PEO clients.      

What is the PEO Advocate Program?

My primary goal as a PEO Advocate is to build a partnership with our client that will continue beyond the PEO transition. As your personal advocate, my main focus is on service, and the PEO Advocate program was developed to build our alignment with our partner PEOs' entire service organization. We are able to get in touch with Executive VPs of Service as well as CEOs. This in turn promotes accountability from the service team. We also have the flexibility when needed to aggressively pursue resolution. I am truly dedicated to making sure that your needs are being met and I have the resources to get this done for you.

What are the most common issues you are hearing about from PEO users?

The most common complaints I hear are:
  • Lack of responsiveness
  • No clear contact person
  • Payroll issues
  • Pricing

Do you have any examples of how you were able to help a client?

Yes, I recently helped a client who was very unhappy with the service level they were receiving from the PEO and did not want to continue the relationship. I was able to connect them with one of our sales consultants who was able to find them a solution that worked. There was another client who was having payroll issues. I was able to work with their Senior Customer Relationship Manager to have the issue rectified within 2 days.

Any advice for PEO customers to get the most out of their PEO?

I strongly suggest that you build a relationship with the service team at the PEO you are aligned with. Review the services available to you to make sure that you are getting the most out of your PEO relationship. I would also suggest being proactive and ask your PEO partner to set up monthly calls with you so you can review what's working and what's not.

What has been the reaction by clients to our new PEO Advocate program?

Our clients have been very receptive and excited about this new program. They recognize it's a partnership between PEO Spectrum and the PEO that they are working with. The ultimate goal is for the clients to be completely satisfied.  

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Lori Frucht

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