Food pantry donations

Our office food drive benefitted the Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry.

  • Smithtown organization started by 7 local churches
  • Collected much-needed pantry items
  • Learn more about them at
PEO Spectrum held a food drive to benefit the Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry, a local pantry that was started in 1984 through seven local churches within Smithtown:
  • Byzantine Church of the Resurrection
  • First Presbyterian Church of Smithtown
  • Smithtown United Methodist Church
  • St. Andrews Lutheran Church
  • St. James Episcopal Church
  • St. Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Church
  • St. James Lutheran Church
These churches realized that there were many residents that could not afford to feed their families, and so they combined their efforts into one pantry that would help the entire community. Our office filled boxes and bins with much-needed items, including juice, pasta, rice, tuna fish cans, cereal, soups, macaroni and cheese, jelly, tomato sauce, beans and more. Everyone in the office was involved, and we were able to visit the pantry and help stack the shelves.

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Lori Frucht

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