The year 2020 was about hunkering down, tightening our belts, and realizing what we could do without. Small businesses were busy cutting budgets and eliminating any excess. Those were the right moves for a small business in the middle of staying open in a pandemic. While we await the green light for All Systems Go, small business leaders need to plan for the time when their small business is ready to scale up when that happens. 

Would you have what it takes to rapidly increase business if you took stock in what you have operating your small business right now? Chances are, with all the financial and process pruning you did in 2020, the answer would be a firm, “No.” 

How can you build quickly to make sure your small business is ready to scale up with what you have? What will you need to ensure what you do is successful? 

Is Your Small Business Is Ready To Scale Up In 2021? 

Service delivery looks a lot different than it used to in 2019 for many small businesses. Customers are now used to the way things are getting done. Maybe you’ve also realized how you deliver services to your customers now is a little better for all involved. Thinking about how you are meeting your customer needs now, how would you scale that? 

Is how you are providing for your customers doable if you have to increase your delivery overnight? Making sure your small business is ready to scale up means planning for that to happen before you need to do it. No matter what your service delivery process is now, it’s no good if you can’t multiply it and make sure nothing falls apart. 

What about the number of employees you have now? Could you satisfy your customer needs if you increased your customer base by 20% in a week? You’ll need to think about how you can quickly acquire talent for when the time comes. At some point, your business will go back to business as usual, and when it does, you need to have the workforce ready. 

The time is now to plan for success. If you want to thrive after the pandemic, you have to create a plan of action for how that will happen. Have you drafted your success strategy yet? 

Small Businesses Will Need To Have Bigger Visions For Success 

Economic downturns do one thing for small businesses who survive them. They weed out the mediocrity in their competition and position the better businesses for success. Once we emerge from our pandemic semi-hibernation, you will find that there are a lot fewer competitors than there used to be. This creates an enormous opportunity for the ones that are left. 

To assess if your small business is ready to scale up, you will need to plan for a more extensive customer base than you had before. That is just the natural order of things. Fewer competitors mean more customers for you. How will you manage the influx? 

Small businesses win in the scaling department by enlisting online tools to help automate their process as much as possible. Using online tools allows small businesses to keep track of many things that get lost when using paper and spreadsheets.

Many small businesses see the value of working with remote employees this year, more so than any other. Using online tools to get the job done allows any employee to access the tools necessary to get the job done, no matter where they are. Process streamlining and automation with online tools are where small businesses can scale quickly and still keep customer satisfaction high.

Keeping Up With HR When Your Business Takes Off 

HR is always a significant consideration when any small business is ready to scale up. The ways you manage employees when everything is local and small is not the same when it is larger and multi-state. Small businesses struggle when their employee base grows. That is where PEOs come in to save the day. PEOs help small businesses scale because they take on the burden of keeping up with HR compliance. Best of all, PEOs have online platforms that help employees stay informed and small business owners in charge of payroll and expense budgets all in one system. 

If you’d like to find out more about how your small business can be ready for growth in 2021 with a PEO, we’d like to talk to you. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

If you’d like to find out more about how PEOs can help you provide great benefits and payroll management at less than you are paying now, contact us today for a free consultation.

Andrew Weinstein

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