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Small business owners start their businesses because they are great at what they do. For this tech company, software as a service for clinical trial management is what they provide. Like many CEOs of small companies, having to juggle the ins and outs of human resources is not something they have expertise in. When the hiring climate took a turn toward hiring out of state, this CEO knew he was out of bandwidth to be able stay compliant with HR laws in 8 different states and effectively run his company. What can a CEO do when hiring across state lines? 

It is the savvy small business owner that knows what he or she is good at and what they are not. Wearing too many hats in your small business takes away from the role that you have as CEO; effectively strategizing growth and ensuring efficiency to get to the next milestone. 

PEOs Are The Best Solution When Hiring Across State Lines 

States can vary on what they need for a small company to be able to be compliant in their state. Not all laws are the same. This CEO realized that getting up to speed on the discrepancies in employment law was not what signed for. The difficulties sent him out to look for a solution to this problem. Here is what happened. 

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