Our beach cleanup was a success.

  • Great team-building event
  • Collected 140.5 pounds of garbage
  • Learned about Hallock State Park Preserve on a guided tour
Our team spent a day at Hallock State Park Preserve cleaning the beach. In true PEO Spectrum style, we split into teams and held a contest to see which team could collect the most garbage.

The results

From old fencing to rope to wrappers, bottles and cans, we ended up collecting more than 140.5 pounds of garbage. We were told this was a daily record for the beach! In addition to cleaning the beach, we were given an informational tour by our guide Lindsey, an Education Coordinator with the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society. We learned more about the history of this park, which contains woodlands, open areas, a rare coastal perched pond and one mile of beach along the Long Island Sound.

And the winner is…

As for our team cleanup contest, Rene Arias and Joe Schnepf won the day, collecting 66 pounds of garbage. Said Rene, “It’s amazing to see the garbage that was caught there, glad we could help, even if just a little bit.” Joe added, “It’s a shame we couldn’t collect even more, because there is so much garbage that we could see washed up in the sand. When you multiply that across all the beaches, it really is a problem.” All in all, this was a great team-building experience. We strongly recommend this activity to any organization looking to make a difference with a company outing.

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Lori Frucht

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