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Scott Abrams, CFO of Financo, has an impressive list of responsibilities with the company, one of which is HR. Despite the demands, he is still in touch with how his decisions regarding the right PEO choice for Financo’s bottom line could impact the everyday lives of the employees.

Scott was contacted by PEO Spectrum about how his current PEO relationship was going and proposed the idea of comparing it to other PEOs in the market to see if it would make sense to make a switch. In order for Scott to feel comfortable switching, he’d have to find a PEO that offered the same healthcare provider, didn’t disrupt the employees at Financo and provided better customer service and savings. The fact that PEO Spectrum’s services were free made it easy to shop and see if it was worth making a switch.

Our solution

PEO Spectrum was able to provide Scott with a healthy choice of PEOs with lots of detail to help him decide which was best. It was not about just saving but keeping what they liked. What did they save? “The savings amounted to, I believe was, over $100,000.” On top of the impressive savings, Scott and the other employees of Financo are also reaping the benefits of a PEO with better customer service.

PEO Spectrum found them a PEO with an offer they couldn’t refuse and they couldn’t be happier. They switched to a PEO that had everything they wanted to keep, with a better experience and tremendous savings.

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