Solutions for global HR needs

Whether you are looking to hire one employee outside the United States, or set up offices overseas, our global solutions allow you to immediately hire compliantly and expand in more than 150 countries.

Take advantage of our free service to:

  • Save up to 20% on EOR costs
  • Compare several global PEOs, also known as EOR (Employer of Record)
  • No calls with EOR sales people
  • Save 80% shopping time
  • Full third-party support


We compare global solutions like:

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How it works

Needs assessment

Match your business needs with best-fitting EORs, retrieve quotes, and see analytical reports built specifically for you.


Coordinate calls with references we compile from EORs. Compare services, costs, and references to help make final recommendations.


Get full support during implementation and throughout your EOR relationship, including annual reviews and service-related support.

Confidently choose your PEO with our free comparison service