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The word on the street is the new employee perk is a good company culture. Everyone wants it, companies claim they have it. What is it anyway? How do you know when you have it?

The truth is, a good company culture is not suddenly formed out of nowhere. It is carefully cultivated. What your company culture is in your small business is entirely your doing…whether you realize it or not.

How does one go about creating a good company culture? Why is it so important? Let’s explore the reasons building a company that you’d be dying to work at is necessary for your long term success.

The Obvious Signs Of A Good Company Culture

Any one of these points can help you gauge whether or not there is a good company culture at your place of business. Taking an honest inventory using these indicators can either help you feel confident or help you understand what needs to change.

Your Employees Smile – You invite someone into your office to interview in-person, what do they see? You have your first impressions about someone you are greeting in your waiting area for the first time and they have theirs about your office environment. A warm greeting by someone in your office or even yourself can say a lot more about what it is like to work at your small business than you think. Happy people smile and engage people when they come into their work environment. Unhappy employees are guarded and suspicious of someone new. If your employees seem irritated or rattled by someone new coming into their office space, you might have company culture issues to deal with.

Less Sick Days Used Per Employee – Employees that like coming to work don’t usually feel the need to take sick days when they aren’t sick. Happy employees also like staying engaged in the office and want to participate in what is going on there, rather than find excuses to get away. If your employees are maxing out their leave time, there are likely reasons that need addressing in the work environment.

Input Is Not Just Welcome, It’s Encouraged – When mutual respect is in place and contributions are valued, employees feel a greater sense of ownership and pride in their work. While not every idea that comes across your desk is going to be a winner, your employees should feel as though you want their input and it is important to the success of your business.

You Have Employee Perks That People Actually Want – Long dead seems to be what was once the Casual Friday. In these days of hoodies and sneakers around the conference table, being more dressed down on Friday would look more like pajama Friday (come to think of it, there are probably offices that have that). Is there something that your employees think would make their office environment more comfortable or enjoyable? Asking them what they’d like to see for perks can make all the difference. Chances are their wish list is not very expensive either. Before you invest in things you think they’d want, pose the question to your employees and see what would work for all of you.

Some small business owners have installed even simple boards games in conference rooms as a way for employees to take the edge off a meeting or a serious discussion. There are many ways to make your office a more welcoming and engaging environment that is effective in adding to productivity instead of detracting from it.

A Good Company Culture Is Your Key To Employee Retention

One of the biggest reasons to focus on good company culture is talent recruitment and retention. Employees that feel valued and appreciated stay longer than those who don’t, that is just the simple fact.

Part of a good company culture is also being able to provide the kinds of benefits that employees want. When employees have good health insurance they feel cared for. Employees who are offered retirement options feel more in control of their futures than those who aren’t. It might be that you think your budget doesn’t allow for the level of benefits that your larger competitors have but you would be incorrect. PEOs are able to offer small businesses enterprise level benefits at rates they can afford.

Small companies don’t have to think small when it comes to good company culture and great benefits. Keep your employees happy and with you for the long haul. Focus on a good working environment and the kinds of benefits you all want to take advantage of.

If you have been thinking about PEOs and trying to do your own research on them, you might quickly find that there are an overwhelming amount of choices. You don’t have to wade through hundreds of websites trying to figure out which ones are the right ones for your company’s situation.

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