There are some things that 2020 has taught small businesses that will never change. The new normal in these areas is now just normal in 2021. But what were the best lessons learned? How small companies handled switching from doing business to running a business online had to happen overnight. How well the small business owner steered their business through that challenge made all the difference. And what a difference it is making. How will this year challenge small business owners further? Small businesses need to streamline workflows if they plan on staying in business.

Lots of meetings took place last year to discuss where the bottlenecks were in getting the job done. Coming up with plans to make business happen and deliver to the customer better, faster, and smarter was really about coming up with efficient workflows. You might not have used that terminology, but that is what you were doing. With everyone in their homes and meeting online for work, the bottlenecks in your workflows became more than evident. 

Small Businesses Need To Streamline Customer Service Workflows Now

The dust is settling in the air of business slowly but surely. It is easy to gain traction in the market when your competition has lost its stride. Your competitors are coming back online and figuring out how to compete against you again. There is one sure-fire way to keep customer retention going, and that is better customer service workflows. 

Customer satisfaction is always about speed to resolution when there is an issue. Handling business entirely online created customer service issues for a lot of small businesses. Figuring out how to get customer service issues resolved quickly while no one is in the office was the issue of the day in 2020. The small businesses that figured this out are likely your biggest competitor right now. 

The need to think about workflows in customer service is more evident than ever. If you are going to do more in 2021, you have to make your customer happy faster. 

Human Resource Workflows Needs To Be More Efficient 

Gone are the days when the HR representative could walk up to the new person’s cube to pull them aside for onboarding and making sure their folder was up to date. Everyone is somewhere else these days. Make sure that every employee has what they need for proper onboarding. Your company should focus on the efficiency of getting HR done and using technology to make it all happen.

Keeping HR workflows efficient is also about having all the right information to make sure it gets done correctly. Legal challenges can occur with remote workers physically living in different states than your business location. HR teams will have to know where to go to get the information they need to satisfy differing labor laws and HR standards in multiple states. How is your small business prepared to handle that?

New solutions need implementing to be able to keep up with the challenges of HR workflows. HR managers will need to be open-minded about how to meet the challenges they face. The old ways of doing HR has gone. Would you say your HR workflows in 2021 demand new solutions to HR efficiency?

Remote workers will require their employer and its HR manager to have the answers they need when they need them. Keeping up with the extra demand that a remote workforce puts on an HR team takes trusted HR partners to make it happen. Who does your small business trust to keep up with HR demands now? Is it working?

PEOs Are The Answer To All These Workflow Questions

PEOs are a versatile solution for small business owners who need to keep up with changing demands on existing business workflows. PEOs pick up the slack to keep a small business owner going in the right direction for the small business owner doing it all. PEOs are the best solution for:

  • Payroll processing and payroll taxes
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding
  • HR Law and compliance
  • Benefits solutions and management

These are just a few great ways that PEOs keep small business owners focused on growing their businesses while creating efficiencies. Being more efficient with your time is how you grow your small business. PEOs are the way to make that happen.

Do you have an HR manager at your small business? PEOs are a trusted partner for HR managers. PEOs take all the paperwork and compliance stuff out of the way so HR can focus on being strategic about helping a small business owner grow their businesses. It’s a win-win solution for any small business with an HR office already in place. 

Would you like to find out more about how PEOs provide the solutions small businesses need to streamline workflows for better business management? Contact us today for more information on how a PEO would work for you. 

If you’d like to find out more about how PEOs can help you provide great benefits and payroll management at less than you are paying now, contact us today for a free consultation.

Rob Misseri

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