Many small business owners start their small businesses with a dream and a computer parked on their dining room table. It is exhilarating to start your own business from nothing. So many have the dream, but so few take action. Congratulations go to the small business owners who are living their dream. You have more guts than most of us.

Somewhere between the long solitary days of sole proprietorship and being a boss is hours trying to figure out how to make your small business work. There is a lot of skin in the game. The days spent at home while everyone else enjoyed the sunshine, the family vacations that didn’t get taken, and the things you put on hold mattered. So, it makes a lot of sense for most small business owners to be territorial about their businesses and how things run. It is great to want things to be done well. But being a fear-based micromanager is not going to make you successful. 

The successful small business owner is the humble one who knows what he or she is good at and what is best done by someone else. But maybe that is the hardest part of being successful

Small Business Owners Need To Look At Success With Humility 

Highly successful people have one thing in common, they all know there were people along the way to help them get there. The best leadership books help the leader understand his or her success came because of others. That is not a knock on their weaknesses. Admitting you need help isn’t failing, it is strength. 

Did you know business icons live this truth as a part of their daily success? A humble leader knows their limits. A wise leader looks to recruit those who can do the things they don’t do well better than they can. Finding talent and hire above your paygrade for the things you don’t do well or can’t do efficiently takes an exceptional amount of self-reflection. When was the last time you took stock in what you don’t do well?

Humility is the greatest strength you’ll ever have as a leader. Your employees can see it. They are attracted to it. And when they work for a humble small business owner, they start to reflect it as well. Imagine a work environment where everyone can take stock of their deficits and come together as a team to figure out how to overcome them. Does your workplace culture look like that, or is everyone competing for first and covering up their mistakes? 

Success Is Achieved By Admitting What Stands In The Way 

What keeps you up at night? The things that get in the way of bringing your small business to where you want it to be are more obvious than you realize. Unproductivity is a thief stealing your dreams and your profits. It’s not the inefficiencies that your employees have in getting the job done. It is the time spent doing things that others ought to be doing besides you. 

Small business owners can have a great amount of difficulty delegating the routine tasks that take away from a visionary’s creativity. You started this business it is not your job to push papers around when you should be working on a strategy for the next stage of your business.

What should be given to a better-qualified candidate for you to do?

  • Payroll
  • HR Compliance
  • Onboarding/Offboarding Employees
  • Benefits Management
  • Safety Compliance and Training 

Did small business owners start businesses because they were good at these things? Unless your business is HR Consulting, the answer is no. If you want to grow your business you have to stop doing the things that take up too much time and don’t contribute to growth. This is the reason that PEOs are so valuable to small business owners. PEOs allow small business owners to give up employee management tasks and put them in the hands of qualified professionals who are more capable of managing them. If you want to grow, you have to admit what stands in the way. 

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Amanda Gelsomino

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