The jobs reports all look good. Unemployment is at an all-time low. This is good news for those who are working, not so much for those seeking to employ. Trying to hire at a time when everyone is gainfully employed can prove to be very frustrating. For large companies, the threat of good talent being recruited out of their seats to better opportunities is always looming. For small businesses making an effort to recruit smarter, trying to get talent to forego the bright fluorescent lights of a big job in the city to take a chance on the shooting star that is your company can prove to produce many fruitless interviews.

The reputation of the small business and startup has come a long way in 20 years, hasn’t it? That doesn’t mean everyone is willing to take the risk. When you are the one looking for a cream-of-the-crop recruit, but your revenue is under $10 million, you quickly find out there are a lot fewer risk takers than you thought. What else can you bring to the table besides the “family-like” feel that small businesses tend to bring?

Small Businesses Need To Thinking Bigger To Recruit Smarter

The frustrated small business owner may spend many days at their desk, frustrated with how to find better recruits to help them grow their business. The astute entrepreneur knows to grow smarter, not faster. This discipline requires the courage to wait to find the right candidates for the big job of getting a small business from one level to the next. The question begs though, when the right candidate emails you their resume, will you know it? How will you know? What does it take to make a great ____?

Too often, small businesses fail to hire the right people because they didn’t know what they were looking for in the first place. Focus on results-driven interview questions. Big business knows that more than the degree and the university status is what the candidate did with their education after the cap and gown were forever surrendered to the attic. What can the candidate tell you was their most significant achievement at work so far? Does the answer sound like what you are looking to do? Is it remotely related to the things you want to achieve? If not, move on.

There is a jump between finding the right candidate who has the experience to get you where you want to go and then having what it takes to pique their interest in working with your small company. Corporate America is stealing good candidates every day simply by being able to offer them the kind of perks and benefits that small businesses can’t even compete with. Or can they?

PEOs Help Small Businesses Overcome Big Challenges

There are a couple of things that small businesses are going to have to resign themselves to if they are going to keep good talent coming to interviews and accepting positions--benefits.

PEOs can help small businesses offer the benefits they need to recruit great candidates and retain loyal employees for the long term.

Did you know PEOs offer your employees the same kinds of benefits that your largest competitor does? Would you like to provide excellent healthcare coverage, as well as many other perks and benefits with a PEO being able to recruit smarter? What kind of a game changer would it be if you were able to not have to compete for talent based on benefits offerings (or lack thereof)?

Now to the business of recruiting the right people in the first place. How are you recruiting candidates currently? Are you happy with the results? PEOs also offer recruiting tools and assistance to their members. If you need help with getting your open position out there, writing a correct ad or job description, or knowing how to find the right candidates fast, PEOs can help. With a PEO, you get to keep great candidates with excellent benefits and enlist their help in assisting you in finding the correct candidate for the jobs you need filled.

How To Find The Right PEO For A Small Business Like Yours

Since PEOs are the best way for a small business to find and retain top talent, how do you go about finding the right one for you? A quick Internet search will reveal 100s of options. Which one is right for your business to recruit smarter?

A PEO broker like PEO Spectrum will help where Google searches fail. Think of a PEO broker working just like your friendly neighborhood insurance agent. They work hard to find you the right insurance company at no cost to you, right? A PEO broker works precisely the same way. You can work with PEO Spectrum to find you the right PEO for you, every time. If you’d like to know more about PEOs or how PEO Spectrum works to find you the right one, contact us today.

If you’d like to find out more about how PEOs can help you provide great benefits and payroll management at less than you are paying now, contact us today for a free consultation.

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