HR and AI Don't Mix

If you haven’t noticed yet, artificial intelligence is the next ‘it’ thing infiltrating our lives, even our homes. There are more people with on-demand tools such as Alexa for use in their living rooms than not. What was once a fun novelty is now launching itself into the role of your assistant. Why it even eavesdrops on your conversations just like a real human would. But should small businesses take the human out of HR and look toward AI for all their Human Resources needs? There seems to be a lot of chatter on the Internet about AI being the next frontier for the HR industry, but is that the right road for a small business?

There are plenty of reasons for a small business owner to think about digital tools for Human Resources. A real job role in their company that takes a significant cut of the profits. Most small business owners try to take on Human Resources on their own only to woefully fall behind on the tasks. Worse yet, ignorance over ever-changing laws and government regulations can cost a small business owner a small fortune in fines if anything goes awry on their watch. 

Human resources management is not easy, and it is certainly not as simple as it might look. What starts as elementary when a company is tiny, can become more than just a burden as the company grows and even branches out into other states. 

With All This In Mind, We Should Not Take The Human Out Of HR 

When your computer goes on the fritz, or you can’t log into your online banking app, what is the first thing you do? Why call a customer service number of course! What can your employees do if everything you have to offer them for human resources management is digital? Sure, some solutions do have perfectly good 800 numbers for them to call and get help. Does the person on the other end of the line know your employee? Are they aware of anything that might be nuanced about your company’s situation or state laws? Probably not. 

There can’t be anything more frustrating for your employees when they have a legitimate HR issue that needs to be addressed, and they can’t find the help they need quickly, or at all. What is the dollar amount worth saving if it just costs your employees so much? Taking the human out of HR is not easy when it comes to real human issues in the workplace. 

Still, for small businesses trying to do what is best for their employees in providing HR services for them, what is the alternative? PEO services are the very best solution for HR, Payroll, and Risk Management for any small business without breaking the bank in service costs.

AI And Digital Tools Can Get Very Complicated With Multiple Services 

Many small businesses have more than one service helping them meet the needs of their workforce because they think it will save time and money for the company. Who could blame them? When you have one set of tools for HR services, another for payroll processing and management, and still another for other workers’ compensation, trying to get the right answers quickly can be more than complicated. Sometimes, all your employees want is one person to talk to about anything related to working for your business so they can get the answers they need and get back to work. You should want that too. Simplicity can be as easy as considering a PEO for all your employment needs. 

Are you already trying to pay for small group health benefits, payroll processing services, and worker’s compensation? We have great news, this is one-stop shopping when you work with a PEO, plus they don’t want to take the human out of HR. They are here to ensure your employees get the HR help they need with the utmost in customer service satisfaction. 

The digital world is never going away, but you can have the right mix of digital tools, and Human Resources still run by human beings. Yes, you can have it all with a PEO. Any small business wringing their hands in frustration ought to know that a PEO is the solution they are looking for instead of artificial intelligence HR tools. 

If you’d like to find out more about how a PEO can work for your workforce, contact us today to find the right one for you. 

If you’d like to find out more about how PEOs can help you provide great benefits and payroll management at less than you are paying now, contact us today for a free consultation.

Mary Beth Crowley

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