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Paychex has been in the game practically since the inception of outsourced payroll and HR services. The odds that you have had a paycheck donning their logo at least at one point in your career is pretty high. Paychex customers that moved from payroll services to PEO services comprise a large portion of their business.

Naturally, when small business owners are looking to outsource HR services such as payroll, they consider the names of companies they are most familiar with. Doesn’t everybody? The devil you know and all plays a role in who you will work with, especially if going with an outsourced service is new. No one wants angry employees storming their office door when their pay day goes awry.

Brand-Based Buying Decisions Are Often Not The Most Financially Sound Choice

Going with a brand name is usually done in an effort to feel secure as a primary driver. The issue with making buying decisions based on familiarity is that most of the time, you are not getting the most for your money.


With a well-branded company comes a well-deserved higher price tag. If you want make a brand-based buying decision for the sake of security, it comes with a nicely padded rate. Guess who is covering the costs of all that marketing? You are.


Can you get all the benefits of a well-branded PEO service without the premium rates? There are ways to find out if you are getting the most for your money, or even to realize you have been missing out by not considering another service.


What Paychex Customers Would Love To Change About Their PEO Service


One of the things that small business owners crave when working an outsourced solution is good customer service. While Paychex is a brand you will see everywhere, and even though they have been in the business for a staggeringly long time, one of the most consistent digs to their service that you will find on review sites is their lackluster customer service.


Typically, small business owners don’t like that the sales rep that was so available during the sales process is suddenly hard to find after the contract is signed. Of the reviewers who commented on Paychex’s customer service, many of them didn’t like having to call a customer service center and deal with a different person every time.


Small business owners live and breathe the philosophy of personalized service. You can see why they’d take exception to being treated like a number, especially when it comes the kinds of issues that would drive them to call customer service in the first place. It’s usually not to let their PEO service know what a nice day they are having.


Comparing PEO Services Is Seamless With A PEO Broker

Even if your PEO's level of service is not what you expect, still many people feel it is easier to put up with than redoing the process all over; we get it. That is why a PEO broker becomes such a key figure when reviewing PEO services. Think of them as your local insurance agent for PEOs. They work for you to find you the best plans to choose from, based on your needs.


When you are working with a PEO service already, such as Paychex, it is even more simple. You tell them what you love about your current PEO and plan on keeping, and fill them in on the things you’d love to see another PEO do better. They do the work and bring the results back to you to review. It’s that easy and it won’t cost you a thing.


If you are just putting up with your PEO and putting off seeing what else might be better, there is no need to procrastinate. Many Paychex customers face this challenge. A PEO broker will take the research off your plate and put the buying decisions back in your hand quickly.


If you’d like to find out more about how PEOs can help you provide great benefits and payroll management at less than you are paying now, contact us today for a free consultation.

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