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If you are like most small business owners, leadership training for yourself or your employees is probably not on your radar. The typical entrepreneur is usually head-down in their business, working on growth and strategy, not thinking about training. This might be causing an issue in their business without them realizing how much it impacts their bottom line.   When times get lean in an organization, it is training that gets thrown out of the budget and deemed a luxury that can’t be afforded. What needs to be considered is how an untrained manager or executive at any level is impacting the business. There are those who think that leaders are born, not trained. That is only half true.  

Leadership Training Help Managers See Their Role From A Serving Perspective

  What is a leader? Someone that others want to follow. That requires much more than just bearing a title and telling those who report to you, “Listen to me.” A leader is someone that others respect and most importantly, someone who conveys a feeling of caring and genuine interest. It would be great to say that every manager inherently possesses these skills however, many try and fail when they make themselves the priority as the manager and forget that it is the employees in their charge who make or break them.   Teaching managers to see their direct reports as people who they are there to serve can go along way in motivating them towards the goal of excellence in their work. Nothing is more motivating than working for someone who demonstrates a genuine interest in your career goals.  

Proper Leadership Training Encourages Longevity Within An Organization

  When employees feel empowered by managers and small business owners who are focused on raising up their employees toward greater success, they tend to stay with that organization longer than a company that doesn’t. Employees, especially millennial workers, want to be valued and feel a part of. Only a leader can provide that type of support to an up and coming worker. The adage is true, “Be a leader that others would want to follow.” Focusing on others produces this goal.   Being a manager who is determined to make others fall in line in order to make themselves successful breeds discontent and workers who will put up with this mentality just long enough to find greener pastures. If you want to retain talent and grow a community of dedication at your place of business, leadership training is essential to make this happen.   It can cost you anywhere from 1.5 to 2 years a worker’s annual salary to replace them. Do you really want to spend that over the few thousand dollars it would cost to provide leadership training to your managers and even yourself?   When workers are unhappy and not feeling motivated to participate they don’t work to their full potential. A manager who does not know how to inspire and encourage their direct reports to participate creates a feeling of alienation and tension. Managers trained in leadership skills can avoid the feelings of disenfranchisement by conveying a message of value and inclusion toward the greater goal for all.  

Employees Who Are Offered Good Benefits That Include Training Are More Loyal

Large companies invest a great deal in benefits and training for one reason only, it keeps workers employed at their company for longer periods of time. When workers see a path toward advancement with a company that wants them to succeed and grow, they stay. The best way to keep them there is to offer the kinds of benefits they need to feel secure and healthy and a training program that helps them gain the skills they need to grow with the company they work for.   For small companies, this type of plan may seem out of reach. That is where they are wrong. Partnering with a PEO service overcomes both of these obstacles to offer benefits and training programs that employees would only see at large competitors. The cost of losing good people is expensive. Investing in their future is a worthwhile venture.   The benefits of working with a PEO if you are an organization of 50 people or less is significant. A PEO broker, like PEO Spectrum, can educate you on the different PEO services out there and steer you towards the ones that would work for your organization. Ask your PEO broker which PEOs offer training as part of their service plans for your employees and avoid having to replace them sooner rather than later.   A good leader knows when to gather good people around them to overcome the hurdles they can’t. A PEO is great way to show your employees that you care about their future.

If you’d like to find out more about how PEOs can help you provide great benefits and payroll management at less than you are paying now, contact us today for a free consultation.

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