Most of us remember grammar school days, where collaborative projects were a fun opportunity to work with our friends. It is said that two heads are better than one, and collaborative projects prove that. Does your small business use collaboration as a business practice? What efforts are made to include your employees in big decision making? 

The idea of getting your employees in a room to hash out some challenging things in your business may not be your first idea, but why not? There are great benefits to putting your heads together to overcome a challenge. You hired them because they are smart and talented. Why not put those assets to better use by asking them what they think about some of the things about growing your small business that perplex you?

Your Small Business Needs Collaboration To Grow Faster 

The small business owner who thinks they have everything they need to make their business happen is in big trouble. We all have limits to our experiences and our education. There are always things about business and growth that we don’t know. And indeed, we are not going to excel in every area of small business growth. 

The Swedish business community has a philosophy about running businesses, and it is the wise American small business owner who rips a few pages out of their book. In a typical Swedish business, every employee is a valued member of the management team. Again, every employee has a responsibility to put input into how management should do their jobs. 

Every day in Swedish business, every member of the team congregates for coffee and collaboration. They spend a good amount of time speaking to one another, getting to know each other, and also weighing in on the issues going on in the business. In fact, they attribute success to collaboration, not just hiring the cream of the crop. Everyone from the maintenance man to the CEO is rubbing elbows to better the company forward. Getting your small business ahead is about using all of your resources. Are you making proper use of all your small business employees? Do you know all the issues that need addressing in your business? Get them together and ask them what they think.

How To Use Collaboration In Your Small Business Build A Legacy 

Collaboration in your small business makes sense for fixing business issues and moving your business forward. But what about the legacy you will leave behind? Is your small business just about making money for you or leaving a mark on the world? Most small business owners want to be known for the guy or gal who aspired to greatness. They’d like to think that other small business owners have something they can take away from knowing you to make their business successful.

What do your employees think about helping you create a legacy with your small business that you can be proud of? What are the things you think they would say to you if you asked that question?

Being a great small business owner is measured by the ones who worked to get you there. If you are not properly thanking and demonstrating your gratitude to your employees for getting you where you are, fix that immediately. 

How can you make sure your employees are excited to make your small business a legacy you can be proud of? Get your employees together and talk about making sure your small business is not just a means for an income but something you can all be proud of. What do they say about that? Are they with you in building something great? Why or why not? What would they say it will take to get you all there? Pay attention. If you want to stand out in a crowd with your small business, they can tell you how to get there. Why? Because they are watching you all day.

What Practical Things Can You Put In Place For Better Collaboration At Work 

There is fostering communication, and then there are practical things you can put in place that lets your employees know that they are a valued member of your team. Benefits and insurance are great ways to put your money where your mouth is. People want to feel taken care of by the ones they esteem. If you want your employees to take you to the next level, you have to put things in place that demonstrate you care about them. 

If you want to ensure that your employees are getting all the benefits you need to foster a good relationship with them for the best investment, contact us today to see what a PEO could do for your small business. The right PEO could help you well on your way to building a great small business you can be proud of. 

If you’d like to find out more about how PEOs can help you provide great benefits and payroll management at less than you are paying now, contact us today for a free consultation.

Amanda Gelsomino

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