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While the top 3 PEOs seem to get the most air time in terms of reviews and articles in the PEO industry, smaller outfits such as Extensis Group get little coverage, outside a blurb here and there. As befitting of a reputable PEO broker, we thought important to review some of the smaller brands out there so PEO shoppers have the full measure of what their options are.   Extensis Group has been in the Internet news lately with it’s recent office expansion of their Woodbridge, NJ headquarters. It is great to see a smaller national PEO growing, so we took a look to see what customers and employees past and present thought of Extensis group in order to provide full disclosure.  

Extensis Group’s COO Recently Quoted in Entrepreneur.com Article

  The self-proclaimed largest PEO in the Northeast recently had its COO, Dan Sheridan, quoted on when is a good time to seek a PEO. His comments were pretty spot on. The best time to seek out a PEO as an option is when the time it takes to perform the daily HR functions starts to impact the business. Generally speaking, most PEO customers are under 100 employees.   They have also recently been recognized by the NAPEO (National Association of Professional Employer Organizations) for their participation and certification in PEO Workers’ Compensation Risk Management Best Practices. Extensis Group, along with 4 others were awarded this certification in April, during NAPEO’s Risk Management Workshop.  

Making Sure Your PEO Is Certified And Verified

  With so many choices, big and small, you want to know that your PEO has received an accreditation by a reputable body. The NAPEO has great information accreditations and how to get information on whatever PEO you are pursuing a relationship with.   Turns out, Extensis Group is certified and recognized and has been in good standing for more than 5 years. This is verification that Extensis Group runs ethically and responsibly by the certification standards endorsed by the NAPEO and the ESAC. These are the two best accreditation bodies in the industry.  

What Extensis PEO’s Former Employees Had To Say

  There were some reviews from former employees on Extensis Group’s work environment, some of which we found very interesting. Of the employees that gave Extensis a review on their former employer, 83% of them said that they would recommend their services to a friend. That is pretty good by almost anyone’s standards. To say that you would at least recommend the services of your former employer is certainly worth paying attention to.   That leaves 12% that wouldn’t but then again, it is said that 4 out of 5 dentists would recommend Trident but no one knows who dentist #5, is so you have to take the outliers with a grain of salt.  

What The Customers Said About Extensis Group

  We combed the Internet everywhere and were hard pressed to find a customer review any review site we could find. Surely someone has used their services and wanted to tell someone about it? We couldn’t find anything.   The good news we can derive from this is that no one is trolling the Internet so far, looking to tell the whole world how dissatisfied they were. These days, people can’t wait to dive onto Twitter to tell you how awful their coffee was from the Starbucks they go to every day, except this day when they gleefully throw their barista under the bus for no fewer than 10 tweets.  

What You Can Do To Find Out More About The Customer Experience

  Always ask for referrals. Most good companies have a testimonials page. You can take a look and see who they are working with and what the customers had to say. Any company that is willing to put their brand name on someone else’s site is obviously a happy customer.   Extensis Group did have a nice list of client testimonials to look at. Most of them seemed to be professional services firms. The bottom line is, always do your homework. Today 85% of customers have already done their research before they pick up the phone and call someone. A PEO Broker can substantially cut down on your research for you and present you with the top options that will match your individual company’s needs.

If you’d like to find out more about how PEOs can help you provide great benefits and payroll management at less than you are paying now, contact us today for a free consultation.

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