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Finding health care coverage your small business can afford is one thing, getting the kind of coverage you need to have is another. Yes, there are certain ACA requirements that need to be adhered to. Outside of the minimum, rear-covering benefits that you have, what is really needed that you may not have today?   There are types of benefits that are needed if you want to keep your employees healthy and engaged in their work over the long term. Most new employees are eager to go the extra mile, high on the novelty of a new beginning. When the weeks turn into months and years of going full steam without any relief, their health may be at risk.   Employees who reach the burnout phase and keep pushing through can sustain serious side effects. Employers who recognize that employee burnout can damage their business will take necessary steps to mitigate it. Here are some benefits you need to minimize the impact of employee burnout at your workplace.   Signs of employee burnout include:  
  • Lack of engagement with other employees
  • Unusual amount of time of work
  • Increased illness
  • Irritability or out of character behavior
  • Lack of attention to detail
  • Decrease in productivity
  If you have an employee who is exhibiting behaviors that are out of the norm, it may be time to set some time aside with them and get to the root of why. Are they in need of some time off? Is there an issue in their personal life that is affecting their work? Are they not feeling as well as  they normally do? Taking an interest in their well-being does more than just correct behavior, it shows you care and want to be part of the solution.  

Three Key Benefits To Minimize Employee Burnout

  1. Time Away From The Office - This seems like a no-brainer, but when small businesses are in high growth mode, vacation time and just plain mental health days become something to be frowned upon. The promise of more time off when things “settle down” is a fool’s paradise. Chances are, if you are the small business owner making these promises, you are experiencing burnout yourself. Employees should never feel discouraged from taking time when they need it. You will get a rested employee who is ready to work, not a worn out resentful worker who will likely leave your business for a less stressful environment in the end. Encourage those who don’t take time to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing break away from work; for you, for them, for their health.
  2. Some Form Of Fitness Program - Many studies have shown the health benefits, both physical and mental, of exercising at least 30 minutes a day. Regular exercise does not even need to be strenuous in order to be successful at clearing the mind and lungs of the stress of the day. A walking program at your office is free. The return you get as a small business owner in refreshed employees who have endorphins kicking from a good workout will come back in dividends. Regular exercise will help reduce burnout, depression and health issues related to a sedentary lifestyle. If your health insurance coverage does not include a fitness program, start a walking club with your employees or get coverage that does.
  3. An Employee Assistance Program - Let’s face it, everyone hits a low spot in their life every now and then. Even the best employees are not immune to issues in their personal and family life that can creep into their work and cause all kinds of problems with their performance. Employee burnout can manifest some of the worst side effects if it is not dealt with. Depression, including suicidal ideation, and substance abuse, has been reported in businesses where over productive employees who are experiencing burnout have occurred. Mental wellness in your employees is not something to overlook. Get an IEP program in place and make sure your healthcare coverage includes mental health benefits of some kind. Always encourage your employees to seek help if these kinds of issues start to surface.

How To Get Affordable Coverage For These Kinds Of Benefits

If you do not work with a PEO currently, it might be time to consider one. With a PEO, these benefits are usually part of their package of benefits offerings. Since a PEO co-employees your employees, you are able to take advantage of an attractive savings, even with PEO fees. The risks are minimal compared to offering skimpy coverage that does not help your employees with burnout or other mental health issues.   If you are working with a PEO and are not satisfied with their mental health or fitness benefits offerings, it might be time to consider a switch in PEO providers. If you are concerned about the effects of employee burnout but don’t feel you are getting all you should out of your current PEO, you can work with a PEO broker, like PEO Spectrum, to help you find the right PEO plans fast. The best news yet is the help is free. So what are you waiting for? Happy, productive employees and better coverage is there to take advantage of today.

If you’d like to find out more about how PEOs can help you provide great benefits and payroll management at less than you are paying now, contact us today for a free consultation.

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