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If there is one thing that is sorely lacking in business today, it is the personal connection. When the trend in customer service went in a DIY direction with apps, software, and automated kiosks, retail and business threw their money at it, hoping to save a buck or two. The results? Lowered sales numbers. What companies saved in headcount they ended up losing in revenue. Turns out, people would really rather speak to a person when they want some help. The same goes for an HR Manager. There are lots of HR solutions for a small business, all promising big solutions for their small headcount but the large majority of them are trying to make that work with DIY solution driven by technology.   A recent article released by Business News Daily called for small businesses to focus on the customer experience for 2019 as part of their Small Business Trends and Predictions for 2019 piece. And why not? If you can’t win on price or market saturation, why not woo the customer by making them feel like the most important customer you have? You can’t do that with technology alone. When push comes to shove, everyone wants a real person helping them with an issue, and you want some answers now when you have a problem. Would you expect anything less for your employees with things as sensitive as HR or Benefits issues? Do you really want to tell them, “there’s an app for that,” when their coverage is denied?  

A Real HR Manager Is What Your Employees Want

  Some very popular technology solutions have come to market in the wave of automating HR for the small business. There is no doubt their price points are rather attractive. Some even offer pre-negotiated health insurance packages as part of their solution. Where do you sign, right? The number one complaint against these robust HRMS systems with benefits? You can’t get ahold of someone to talk to when you have a problem. If your employee has a question about HR employment law and it doesn’t fit into your online solutions FAQs, where do you go?   If you have a simple question, do you want to surf through hours of information just trying to find the answer? Do you want your employees doing that on company time? How much do you really save by automating your HR Manager and Benefits management? Where do you go to get the simplicity of everything HR related online but also have the personal touch of an HR Manager at a small business who can’t afford to hire one?  

PEOs Bring Technology And HR Together For A Total Solution

  If you like your technology, you don’t have to abandoned it. If you like dealing with people, you don’t have to forget about that either. How about both? What about better benefits rates on top of that? What if you could not only offer your employees a better health insurance rate but retirement saving options as well? PEOs are able to bring big HR to small business by bringing a whole lot of small companies together for much bigger spending power. You can finally offer the benefits you have always wanted to offer your employees, along with a real HR Management solution that puts people back in the seat of helping your employees with all of their HR and Benefits needs.   Which PEOs are the best at doing that? Talk to a PEO Broker like PEO Spectrum today and tell them what you are looking for in not only better benefits offerings, but excellent HR Management solutions too. They know who the best PEOs are for the job, based on what your needs are. Don’t try and go it alone. There are literally 100s of PEOs to choose from. Talk to a PEO Broker and let them tell you which are the right PEOs to talk to. For free.  

If you’d like to find out more about how PEOs can help you provide great benefits and payroll management at less than you are paying now, contact us today for a free consultation.

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