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If you have fallen out of love with your PEO, take heart that you are not alone. Sometimes the promise of a smiling sales representative gives way to the realization that what was expected and what has been delivered looks like two very different things. The dating stage in a sales cycle can be a lot like that of a new relationship. Some relationships never make it passed the first few months.

How To Switch PEOs Painlessly

Switching PEOs doesn’t have to be a laborious ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ process. If the issues with your current contract are giving you a wondering eye for something else, there is a way to see what’s available without any ugly, messy PEO breakups. There are a few ways that you can scope out the competition before you start talking to sales representatives at other PEO services. You Can Read Competitor Reviews You can find reviews of PEO services pretty regularly on the Internet. Some are for paid advertisement by PEOs though, so you need to be careful where you look. What you find for review information will depend on how the PEO fit the company that hired them in the first place. Try to be objective when you read them. For instance, Insperity reviews are easily found out there, but are they the right PEO for your organization? You Can Find Out Who The Competitors Are This may take a little digging, but you can look into who the top PEOs are that most closely match who best serves your type of business. You can then decide who would best alleviate your suffering with your current PEO service contract. This can take some time but it would be well worth it, even if you went with checking out review sites first. If you are currently working with Insperity, who are the top Insperity competitors? You can look for ones that have all the things you liked about working with a top PEO, and find benefits that overcome what is lacking with what you currently have. You Can Get A PEO Comparison Done PEO brokers like PEO Spectrum will do the research for you. They know who the best PEOs are and which ones serve which company size and industry the best. You won’t have to waste hours and hours on Web sites and search engines trying to ferret out who is the better PEO. They will take some time to understand your needs give you information on the top 3 that match your desired service level.

Not All PEO Brokers Are The Same

Before you pick up that laptop and decide something like a PEO dating service would be the right way to go, not every PEO broker works the same way. In order to avoid the misery of drowning in sales representative calls, know the difference between a company who is interested in helping you find the right PEO and a company that is selling you as a lead to PEO services. PEO Spectrum does not give any contact information to a prospective PEO service for their clients until the client says that they are ready to be contacted. That is the beauty of a true PEO broker. In this case, the PEO broker works for you, not the other way around. Better yet, their services are of no cost to you if you are looking to switch PEOs. There is no risk of losing your anonymity or your budget for working with them. Other brokers furnish PEO Comparison reports, along with giving your contact info away to those who are willing to pay for it. Don’t let your name and number become akin to being written on a bathroom wall somewhere. Work with a PEO broker who respects your need for discretion. Doing business with PEO services and even needing to make a change doesn’t have to look like your dating life did when you were a teenager. You can make a switch, find a better service and work with a PEO broker who wants to do what is right for your organization. Why not work with a service that has your best interests at heart all the way around? Talk To Us About Renegotations 

If you’d like to find out more about how PEOs can help you provide great benefits and payroll management at less than you are paying now, contact us today for a free consultation.

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