Working with a PEO Broker
When it comes to finding services for their small business, many take themselves to the Google search bar and start typing things in to see what comes up. More than 80% of consumers consult the Internet when it comes to finding the right companies to do business with. It shouldn’t shock you that this is exactly what happens when a small business owner decides to explore the possibilities of working with a PEO for their benefits and HR management needs. How much easier is it to work with a PEO broker?   If you took all PEOs customers into a room and separated them by who thought it was a good idea to work with a PEO broker and who thought that none such service ever existed, you would find that a lot of them have never considered working with a PEO broker, never mind heard of one.  

To Work With A PEO Broker Means No Frustrating Internet Searching

  What did these PEO customers do before they found the right PEO to work with? They spent a lot of time on the Internet. They might have even come up with the idea to work with a PEO through searches looking for things like “discounted health insurance plans for small businesses” or “benefits for small business.” In an effort to try and find the right solution to their expensive benefits problem they likely stumbled on a great solution: A PEO.   How did they land on the right PEO for them? Well, some of them didn’t. There are PEO customers who learned the hard way that any PEO is not the right PEO for everybody. PEOs are as varied as their customers. Some are great for very small businesses and others are best suited for a medium-sized business. To say that any PEO will take care of the HR issues that plague your business individually is a misnomer at best.   When PEO customers are unhappy with their first choices they get right back to the Internet again, searching all over for the right PEO that can solve the problems the first one didn’t. Most small business owners barely have time to process payroll, never mind spending hours on the Internet trying to solve a problem as sensitive as the right HR and benefits management for their employees. There has to be a better way.  

Work With A PEO Broker And Ask All The Right Questions First

  It’s hard to get down to brass tacks with a salesperson isn’t it? They get paid to win you over as a customer. They certainly don’t want you to walk away from what they are offering because it isn’t the best fit for your business. Asking questions that point out their lack in the PEO space and you’ll witness a pretty good tap dance around the issue in an effort to keep you at the table.   If you work with a PEO broker, you get to ask all the sensitive questions upfront:  
  • How does a PEO get paid?
  • What do I do if I am not happy?
  • What kinds of benefits do they offer as compared to others, etc.?
  One of the best reasons to work with a PEO broker is the ability to get everything out on the table about what it is like to work with a PEO. You want to know how it fits into your individual business concerns before you pick up a phone to talk to a PEO salesperson. You are better prepared and backed by a confident individual whose job it is to find you the right PEO, not sell you on the ones they want you to work with.  

Work With A PEO Broker To Make Your Current PEO A Better One

  Some unwitting PEO customers feel a cooling off in the relationship with their PEO a year after they sign. Their immediate thoughts are they need to find another one to work with in order to be happier with PEO services. This is not always the case. Some PEO customers can renegotiate with their current PEO alongside their PEO broker to rework their contract in a way that is better suited for the company’s needs. Needing more from your PEO doesn’t always mean saying, “Good Bye.” An experienced PEO broker knows when to bring your PEO back to the table for a better contract and when it is best to find a better service elsewhere.  

Are You Ready To Work With A PEO Broker Now?

  Want to avoid hours of endless searching for a service that you are trying to understand? Want to avoid dealing with salespeople that just want you to buy what they are selling instead of advising you on what is best for your company? Need help working with your current PEO? These are all great reasons to work with a PEO broker and stop feeling like the PEO industry is waiting to swallow you whole. A PEO broker can be the life preserver you need to keep you from drowning in the Internet and get you to the safe shore of the right PEO for you.  

If you’d like to find out more about how PEOs can help you provide great benefits and payroll management at less than you are paying now, contact us today for a free consultation.

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