I sat down to a beautiful lunch across from a man that I met only once. About all I knew about him from a brief previous conversation was he had recently purchased a landscaping company and his end goal was to build it into something worth selling to someone else. You see, that is what he does. While others might flip houses, this man flips companies. I was going to be very interested in hearing about his experiences and settled in to ask lots of questions. One of those questions would be if he knows a small business owner that works with a PEO.

I waited for my opportunity to ask my question but I never got the chance; he brought it up first. As he told his story of what kind of condition the business was in when he bought it and what he decided he had to do over the last year one thing he repeated was this; he had to figure out how to get good people to stay knowing that a landscaping job was anywhere to be had, but good, reliable people in this industry were hard to find.

His plight became more urgent when he was hired by a large conglomerate of car dealerships to design and landscape their 8 properties. The news they won this bid was exhilarating and alarming at the same time. How would they find enough people in a short period of time and retain them once they were found? There were sleepless nights.

A Company Works With A PEO For This Good Reason

In his industry, an unbalanced share of the people sweating it out every day are undocumented workers. For a lot of landscapers, hiring and paying workers under-the-table is par for the course. For this business flipper, it would not be possible. Businesses worth selling have to be above reproach operationally and legally. His related concern was whether or not he was qualified to ascertain if someone producing paperwork to work in the United States either was who they claimed to be or if the documentation being presented was authentic.

Being able to work with a 3rd party to work through the legality of employment was a big weight lifted as he had a PEO to help mitigate the risk of hiring workers who are not legally able to work for his company.  Getting in trouble with the government for hiring improperly documented workers was not what he was looking to get himself into as he rehabilitated this business. His PEO took on the burden of successfully verifying employment and paying payroll taxes for him so he didn’t have to do it. This came as a big relief when his client decided to move his completion date up by a week to fit into their year-end sales event!

This Company Was Surprised By What Else A PEO Offered

In order to get good workers to stay in the landscaping business, paying them well is just one piece of the puzzle. What most landscaping companies struggle to do that this company was able to do well was offer good benefits through their PEO. He was hoping to offer just any benefits but the kind of benefits offerings he was able to provide was well beyond his expectations as a company that works with a PEO.

This came as a particular surprise as he had researched small group health plans before and did not find it financially feasible to be able to sign off on. To have peace of mind in keeping compliant with employment law, be able to pay payroll taxes for his business automatically, and provide great benefits with a reasonable price tag was all he needed to feel confident.

What does he say about his move to work with a PEO to help keep good employees? “It was the best move I ever made in buying this business.” If you want to feel this good about the employment end of growing your small business, talk to a PEO Broker like PEO Spectrum and stop dreaming of retaining good employees and start realizing how easy and affordable it can be.

If you’d like to find out more about how PEOs can help you provide great benefits and payroll management at less than you are paying now, contact us today for a free consultation.

Rob Misseri

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