Successfully Shopping for a PEO


Envirochrome used a regular insurance broker for years to maintain their medical benefits, but rates had been rising for several years until their most recent increase hit 20%! The insurance broker was unable to find them a better solution, so they began investigating what a PEO could do for them. Knowing nothing about the industry, they quickly became overwhelmed by the number of PEOs and their inability to determine which ones might be a good fit for them. That’s when they discovered the PEO Spectrum website. After learning about our services and history, they asked us to assist them in their search.


After an initial meeting to fully understand Envirochrome’s priorities, PEO Spectrum’s analysts began a comprehensive search for the PEOs that best matched up with their needs. In addition to discovering the right services and technologies, PEO Spectrum used their internal data and benchmarks gathered over the years to make sure they found PEOs offering the steadiest medical pricing in the industry. PEO Spectrum, at no cost to Envirochrome, built a Financial Analysis, comparing the top PEO contenders for their business; highlighting side-by-side payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, administration fees and medical costs.


Once PEO Spectrum presented the Financial Analysis to Envirochrome, answering all their questions about the PEOs in the report and the various cost factors, it was agreed that meetings would be arranged with the two PEOs that offered the most promising services, technology and consistent pricing available. PEO Spectrum remained in touch with Envirochrome throughout the process until they made their final decision. Envirochrome had found their PEO, and on top of that, PEO Spectrum’s services were entirely free!


Website: envirochrome .com

Type of Firm: Interior Design/Construction

Location: New York, NY

Employee size: 12

Years in business: 42 years


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