ec² Software Solutions

Annual rate comparisons and a PEO broker help this company save a bundle.


ec² Software Solutions worked with Insperity for 5 years. For ec2, PEOs serve as the most cost efficient procurement platform for them to acquire employee benefit programs for an employee base that is national in scope. PEOs also provide overall ease of use in managing human resources needs, having all vendors and systems under one roof.

Alan Zeigler, CFO of ec² Software Solutions executes on a best-practice for managing a PEO relationship, he shops the market for competitive PEOs on an annual basis. Knowing what else is out there is one of the best ways to know if your PEO is providing a fair, market-based price for your business.

The downside of shopping PEOs annually is it takes a lot of time!


PEO Spectrum gathered information on Alan’s past shopping experiences, detailing which PEOs looked best or worst in previous years and for what reason(s).

PEO Spectrum executed proposals with some familiar PEOs that have come close to earning their business in the past, as well as other PEOs that ec² Software Solutions had never engaged with before.


Having PEO Spectrum manage the underwriting process and proposal procurement yielded more competitive quotes from the PEOs that ec² Software Solutions had shopped in the past. A PEO that was new to the mix provided the most unique solution along with the most cost savings.

Using the PEO Spectrum Financial Analysis as a resource, Alan set up a meeting and moved forward with the evaluation process directly with the leading PEO.



Type of Firm: Software , Cloud Based Service Provider

Location: New Jersey, Nevada, Arizona

Employee size: 40-60

Years in business: 30 years


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