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It seems within minutes of the end of summer the holidays descend upon us, beckoning us into merriment and well wishes for all. If you are a small business owner who wants to celebrate the holidays with your staff but are struggling with how to make that time worth remembering, planning can prove to be perplexing.


Many small business owners will just succumb to the popular notion of a small party or lunch before the holidays, but these trite and oft boring events can feel canned, obligatory and void of special meaning. If you want to make an impact on the holiday season with your employees, here are some suggestions that are sure to have them reminiscing for months to come.


3 Ways to Celebrate The Holidays With Your Staff


Use Fitness Events To Bond – Santa Runs, Run A Latke 5Ks, and other holiday themed fitness events can be a fun way to get the gang together and do something that is both enjoyable and beneficial. Many participants like to dress up in goofy holiday garb which adds to the merriness and memory making.


For those who many not want to or can’t physically participate in something like a run, there are usually plenty of volunteer positions at these events they can take advantage of to feel a part of the experience.


Some will just enjoy cheering on their coworkers and that is fun too. Finish up your holiday revelry with a collective trip to the nearest restaurant and you have a great day for all that is enjoyable.


Serve At A Soup Kitchen – Nothing better for you to celebrate the holidays with your staff than to focus on others this holiday season who may not be as fortunate as them. Many small businesses opt to do things like this during the holidays other than finding a night to drink together with a hideous looking sweater on.


Chances are, there are plenty of places within a reasonable distance that you can call and schedule time for you and your crew to put on an apron and a smile to brighten someone’s holiday season.


Other benefits of this experience include good PR for your business, a blog worthy article for sharing with your clients and the Internet world, and some genuine good feelings that you all get to experience as a team.


Word of caution, these events usually become addicting. You might find yourself scheduling more than one in the future.


Participate In Gift Giving For Children In Need – If time out of the office is not convenient for holiday giving back time, consider helping others through gift giving. There are many organizations that help to provide gifts for families and children in difficult situations.

Not every child will experience presents under the tree this year. A great way to get your employees together for the greater good without closing the office is to find a cause that you can all give to if you want to celebrate the holidays with your staff.


Toys for Tots is a national organization with many donation boxes that you can take advantage of. All that is required is for everyone in your office to agree to bring an unwrapped gift that you can bring to a collection center. Don’t want to buy toys? Your office can make a monetary donation as well.


Gift giving can be fun and rewarding, as well as meaningful. Most employees will agree they’d rather give a gift that matters rather than buy a trinkety bauble to pass around for Yankee Swap at the office anyway.


Consider Philanthropy As Part Of Your Company’s Values

A great number of companies are turning their attentions to making more of an impact on society than achieving recognizable logo status. Millennials love to do business with businesses who put people over profits. Philanthropic missions in your business can do more than make you feel good, it can garner you loyal customers who want to align themselves with what you do.


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