Free PEO comparison services include:

Initial consultation with our experts

Give us 20 minutes of your time and our team will select the top PEOs that best fit your needs from over 100 PEOs nationwide.

Free PEO informative match reports for 3 to 5 PEOs

customized for your organization. We provide a qualitative synopsis of each PEO, including years in business, accreditations and the insurance carriers they deliver.

Aggressive PEO price negotiation

including a competitive bidding process with each PEO to ensure you get the best rate.

PEO financial comparison report

that is unparalleled in the industry for its detail and transparency. We provide a thorough, line-by-line cost analysis per employee down to the penny that includes administrative fees, benefits, workers comp, payroll taxes, maximum out-of-pocket, renewals and multi-year calculations.

No cost, no obligation, no affiliation with any PEO.
Already have a PEO? We provide a free PEO audit of your current situation, plus all the benefits above.
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